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How do the decompression toys get dirty?
Jun 20, 2018

The materials for decompression toys can be basically divided into three categories.


All kinds of alloys


Polyurethane resin

How to clean the decompression toys of polyurethane resin?

This toy represented by face pinch music (Caomaru).

When you clean it, rinse it with water and rub it gently.

If you don't feel good after cleaning, wipe some powder or bamboo powder properly.

How can the alloy vacuum toys be cleaned up?

When cleaning the alloy decompression toys, try to choose soft gauze or time cotton yarn and so on, so as not to scratch the surface of toys.

When cleaning, try to avoid the acid and alkaline chemicals to contact the surface of the toy, do not use ordinary soap and detergent, and can not use detergent powder, washing toilet essence and other strong acid and alkali cleaning agent.

When there are stains and stolen goods, soft cloth can be used to clean the water or neutral detergent to prevent the toys from being corroded.

As for iron (though very few), simply wipe it with a cloth, and water will rust.

How can the plastic decompression toys be cleaned up?

As for plastic decompression toys, cleaning up is not so much attention.

Simply take hot water, or add some soap and water. Be careful not to rub it too hard.

How do you clean the flannelette?

(1) cleaning the long plush toys

Pat in the outside, or use the vacuum suction suction, remove dust, and then wet the soft cloth soaked with warm water, wipe the toy in one direction to wet, and then dip a little wash clean (or various shampoos, liquid soap, etc.) in the same direction gently Brown wash, to avoid wiping back and forth, after swab clean, used for towels in the same way. Cleaning the residual liquid. Finally, use a dry towel to wrap the toys gently or wrap them up and dry them with a washing machine. Then hang them in a cool ventilated place to dry and not to bake. After the dry, flaps the swelling, can restore the original sample.

(two) cleaning the woolen toys

Dilute a little dry cleaning, wipe the dirt with a soft cloth, clean the surface with a clean wet towel, and use an ironing for the flat, or hang it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

(three) cleaning flannelette toys

Flannelette toys are not easy to wash, because they are easy to knot and lose their velvet after washing. So pay attention to ordinary cleaning as much as possible. Wash the surface with a hot towel on the surface, then dip it in the soap liquid to gently brush the surface, rinse with clean water and wash it with clean water.

(four) cleaning other cloth toys

Corduroy, velvet, towels, polyester, cotton, nylon silk, etc., all wet the surface first, in the warm soap liquid with a foam sponge to wipe the surface, clean, rinse soap liquid, dry with the washing machine, hanging in the cool and ventilated place.

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    Add: NO.12 Chaoyong Road, Shangxi Industry Park, Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-579-85280024
    Mob: +8615057937701
    E-mail: ivan@ywsstoy.com
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